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Same-Sex Dissolutions


Whether you are seeking to dissolve your marriage or domestic partnership, I am here to help you understand the process. I explain what works and what does not. 


Each family is unique. I believe that each matter calls for customized treatment that takes into account a client's unique concerns. I will assist you with the various aspects of your case including, but not limited to: property divsion, spousal support and, if you have a child by adoption or artificial insemination, custody and visitiation, as well as child support. The best possible scenario is when I can guide my clients toward working productively with their partner to settle disputed issues. I help my clients optimize their results in mediation and help them come up with a proposal to present to their partner. I also am effective dealing with the client's partner when he or she is not represented by a lawyer.


I combine compassionate representation with personal service and versatile approaches. If negotiations or mediation do not resolve all the issues, I provide aggressive litigation. Family law is all I do, and I am committed to helping clients resolve difficult legal situations.  

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