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When Life Changes, So Can Court Orders


For anyone who has gone through a divorce - whether it was months ago or years ago - you know that life goes on. A decision made while your children were younger, or a decision made while you were working in your past employment position, may no longer work. Under California law, you can seek modifications to original court orders. 

I also represent couples who have children but were never married. 

As an attorney, I make every effort to obtain enduring divorce agreements that stand the test of time. Yet even I know that life changes. People remarry, lose jobs, get higher paying jobs and relocate out of state. And, when these changes arise, the original court order may need to be modified to reflect new conditions. It is important to note that, for a modification to be granted, there must be a material and substantial change in circumstances of one of the parties or the child - something that has a significant impact on the parties and makes the current order unsuitable.


I represent people who are seeking to have changes made and those who contest proposed changes. My law firm handles modifications involving the following:

  • Child custody modifications: Changes to parenting time agreements can arise because of parental relocation, child relocation, and in some situations, a child's request to live with a different parent. I represent military families and can help with any relocation issues involving deployment or relocation overseas.
  • Child support modifications: Changes to child support payments involve financial factors such as remarriage, a new job, job loss or significant changes in the child's financial needs.
  • Alimony modifications: Spousal support (alimony) is not granted in all situations. When it is, it may be awarded on a permanent or temporary basis. If there has been a significant change in either ex-spouse's income, alimony can be increased or decreased.

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