Welcome to the Law Office of Jennifer C. Phillips
Welcome to the Law Office of Jennifer C. Phillips
Law Office of Jennifer C. Phillips
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"Jennifer was amazing. Quick to return phone calls. Deep knowledge of the law. And Ms. Philips has a kind disposition and a keen wit that is a double bonus when you are dealing with the courts of law with their labyrinth of dead ends, rabbit trails, secret codes, long lines, and paperwork avalanches! I heartily endorse Jennifer Phillips!"                                            

                                                                                                AllenF. hired Jennifer C. Phillips in 2013


Divorce can be a painful process. But it can also be a time for reflection, a time to look ahead and a time to make crucial decisions about the rest of your life. At the Law Office of Jennifer C. Phillips, I provide skilled legal services to people involved in uncontested divorce and contested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, the parties agree on all decisions. In an uncontested divorce, the parties disagree on at least one decision.

Are you thinking about a divorce? Has your spouse made his or her wishes for a divorce known? Call my firm at 510-495-5898 to arrange a consultation.


Handling Your Divorce with Genuine Concern

As we work through the elements of your divorce, whether we are in divorce court together or sitting at the negotiation table, I want you to feel a high level of client care. Talk to me today about the following:

  • Child custody: Child custody and visitation agreements are reached with respect to the best interests of the children. My law firm takes ample time to understand your needs as a parent and pursues the best possible outcome as vigorously as needed.
  • Child support: In California, child support is determined by statutory guidelines. However, deviations from the guidelines can exist in certain situations. I can ensure the fair amount is calculated.
  • Property division: I can readily identify and evaluate complex assets involved in property division. If you are concerned about receiving your fair share of the marital assets, you can feel confident choosing my services.
  • Alimony: Whether permanent spousal support, temporary spousal support or any support at all is awarded will be based upon factors unique to you and your spouse. Whether you are seeking support or will be responsible for paying spousal support, I can ensure the fair amount is determined.
  • Modifications: I represent people who are proposing changes to an existing court order and those who are contesting changes. A significant change in material conditions may merit a change in child custody, child support or spousal support.

Do you have questions about our services?

Contact us at (510) 495-5898 or via email at info@jcphillipslaw.com.

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