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In California, paternity actions are governed by the California Family Code. Men or women can file paternity actions. Whether you are an assumed father being sued for paternity; a mother seeking to establish paternity of your child; or want to establish your rights as a father, you can feel confident choosing my services.

When paternity is established, fathers have access to the child. The father may also be obligated for child support payments. This is an issue that affects your life, as well as your child's life. Call my firm at 510-495-5898 and arrange your consultation.


How is paternity established?


DNA testing - most commonly via a non-invasive swab of the cheek - is used to determine the probability of the man in question being the father. If there is shown at least a 99% probability he is the father, he will be named as the child's legal father. As your attorney, I will gladly answer any questions about this process.


Paternity was established.  Now what?


When a man is determined to be the father of the child, he may be obligated to pay child support. Fathers may also be able to spend time with their child, and new child custody and visitation agreements can reflect this. My law firm will help you throughout paternity proceedings, handling any legal issues that arise during and after.

A paternity action establishes a father's legal relationship with his child, but it can enrich both lives. My law firm provides legal help to mothers and fathers in this complex issue.

Contact me today and schedule a consultation.

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